So today was a difficult day.  A wise friend told me you should never make a decision while emotionally compromised or stressed out. Which in my case are one & the same. Well, to stay in the positive I won’t go into it on here. Lets just say from that moment on stupid things from, statements by yahoos who think parents who own a python should have DCF called on them to some nimrod on a rant about Only ‘God’ has the right to judge.  Yeah, that last one made me want to vomit.

By 5:30pm I’m clambering to get out and go for a run. There it is those smiling faces and it’s all good! There’s something about their smiling faces and running and suffering altogether and the stress all seems to melt away.  On that note here is a tip that Lauren gave me to help deal with stress.

When you hit a stress point do some walking up and down the stairs, or jumping jacks, or breathing for a minute or two, or meditation… ANYTHING that helps you release some stress. Drink water and immediately have some protein and almond milk or something to that extent (have something in your bag at all times). If you do that for a few weeks straight, it will be actually create a new neural pathway in your brain for a “good” habit and will become second nature eventually.

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