Awesome People Who Lead By Example

My 2014 Biggest Badass of the Year Award goes to this guy! Jason needed a change and he made that happen…

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In 2014, I was extremely lucky to have met the members of (LRNC) Lake Nona Run Club. Not to make them self-conscience, but I watch them a lot. My whole life I’ve heard be friends with successful people to become successful. This is also true about becoming a better person, as well as a healthier one.

Before you continue reading this post you have to read 5 Ways to Start Attracting Your Ideal Weight from Pick The Brain. (You can also listen to the article via Umano by clicking here.)

Not long after joining LNRC, they introduced me to Lauren Hodges, owner of Lake Nona Boot Camp and creator of (CFWC) Central Florida Wellness Council. Lauren like the rest of the members of LRNC they all lead example. Many of them have proven to me over & over that just because you weigh over 2, 3, or even 400 pounds like Javier from Wake up Call, that you can overcome your bad habits and be as awesome as Jason in this photo.

So good Job Jason & Congrats!

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