Disrupted Physician

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He’s a practicing Florida doctor, she’s a licensed mental health counselor. Both are staying in the dark out of fear of repercussions but speaking out about the state’s rehab program for doctors.

“There are some serious flaws in the system and I’m here firsthand to tell you that’s true,” said the physician.

“I think its purpose is to help people but it’s not doing that, it’s abusing them,” said the mental health counselor.

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In 2013, while applying to get her license to practice mental health in Florida, the mental health counselor we spoke with said she was thrust into a 5-year state contract with PRN for drug and alcohol addiction after admitting on her license application that she was hospitalized and treated for depression four years earlier.

“I felt humiliated and frustrated,” she said.

Frustrated doesn’t begin to explain how another practitioner felt about…

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