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Easy to use compact #bestiescoffee grinder.

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I received this item for free for my unbias review.

I’m so behind on my sponsored blog posts… I wanted to do a holiday coffee post and with New Years right around the corner and it being the day after Boxing Day, I’m sure many say it’s just too late. Well, I say, “phooey! It is never too late to keep the coffee holiday cheer going!”

Ok so ever since the No Spoons Green Tea video, I’ve been on a Green Tea Latta kick! Since I love trying new products and encouraging people to try new things. So even though it takes a while to hand grind fresh coffee beans using this awesome new coffee grinder I just had to give these Amazing recipes a try.

Shortly after I got this grinder, I got the chance to purchase WealthPreneur’s Coffee at a discount. It didn’t suggest how much to use so I did some research on how to make a perfect cup of coffee and let’s start there. So after doing some research, I found this article from the Telegraph, “Is it possible to make the perfect cup of coffee at home?” to be the easiest and best instructions. It starts off with how to roast your own beans, which is something I want to try one day.  As you scroll down it talks about grinding your own beans. This grinder does a Medium to Medium-Fine grind. Which works for drip grinders and percolators, not for cold brewing. I’ve never tried cold brewing, If you have please comment below.

I know not everyone likes their coffee strong & dark, but if you’re like me and use milk or creamer, using a real dairy product is best.

Before trying these keep in mind if you choose to use fresh herbs they are more potent than the store bought dried & ground herbs. IF you are curious, “How Long Do Spices Last?“, click the link to find out.

Food.com use to be RecipeZaar. This site is an online easy to organize, search & store recipes you like or want to try.  For More great coffee recipes check out my Coffee folder on Food.com. The best part about Food.com recipes is you can adjust the yield online.

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