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If you’re a gaijin to the art of Matcha which is associated with a beautiful  Japanese tradition. It’s not simply steeping a bag of tea leaves in a cup of hot water. When I was a little girl, I saw this piece on TV talking about the Japanese Tea Ceremony and I was hooked. 30 years later, not had the chance to do this dream yet but I’m now 1 step closer to being able to do this at least at home.

So without being told we know not all brands are equal and many companies will cut corners to cut costs. So how do you know if a brand is a great brand. Well, knowing how a company grows their tea is a start. The leaves are kind of delicate and require shading.

The color is another example. If it’s yellowish, it’s going to taste kind of bitter and is not a good quality of Matcha.

Location Location Location! Matcha is Japanese, so personally that’s where it should come from. I do know China does make Matcha, but my understanding is the quality is not so great. Many people worry about the radiation in Fukushima has tainted the tea. I’ve not seen anyone really talking about this issue, but as tenacious as the Japanese are about caring for these plants, I’m not that worried.

The touch the feel of Matcha the drink of our lives…. According to Daily Tea’s post, High vs Low Quality Matcha? 5 Easy Tips to Knowing the Difference the feel should be a fine powder that is silky like baby powder.

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