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I received this item for free for my unbias review.

If you’re a gaijin to the art of Matcha which is associated with a beautiful  Japanese tradition. It’s not simply steeping a bag of tea leaves in a cup of hot water. The first step is finding a good bowl.

Size doesn’t always matter, but in this case it does. The bowl doesn’t have to be perfect but if you love it then that’s the first step towards being the perfect bowl for you! Size, in this case, does matter. If it is to small it will be difficult to whisk the matcha. Although the one I got from Matcha DNA is a bit small I think it will still work.

  • You also want the inside to be smooth so it won’t tear up the whisk as well as allowing for the tea to mix evenly.
  • 4.5 – 5″ diameter
  • You want a smooth rim
  • There are 2 main types of bowls
    • Tsutsu-jawan, or “tube [shaped] teabowl
    • ko-jawan (“small teabowl”) or nodate-jawan(“teabowl for outdoors”)
  • A less known type of bowl is Tenmoku-jawan (also transliterated as Temmoku). This is a V-shaped bowl with a very tiny foot.

I will be doing a follow up to this post as I was recently sent some Matcha to review. I just need a whisk now! Oooh and a Kimono! 😀

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