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I did receive this product for free for my unbias review.

I’ll be honest everyone myself include has a hard time drinking something when it’s green. When I see green I think of Dr. Seus’s book Green eggs & ham. Let me eliminate those fears of using Abundant Green powder. I did actually try the power alone without being mixed in and it’s not like eating grass if that is what you were wondering.

So the instructions say you can mix it in a smoothie, with water or juice, but you can actually use it with milk too. If you like Green Tea Lattes that’s kind of what it tasted like.

My second attempt which was really yummy was to use Juice Plus+’s Dutch Chocolate Shake mix, milk, the super green powder and 1 capsule of Ceylon Cinnamon by I RealIMG_20151120_113019092 Herbs. Oh my, God, it was so yummy! FYI: why the capsule? Ceylon is more expensive and more beneficial to your health. Also, you can consume more Ceylon than Cassia.

My next attempt will be with Zahler’s Strawberry Whey Protein, super green powder. I might add a banana, but Zahlers comes out thick.

Well, I like to keep my posts short but I like doing research as to what makes this super food super so here it is… (All ingredients are organic)

    • Wheatgrass – Uranary, Diabetes, Prostate, arthritis, pain…
    • Moringa Leaf – Anemia, pain, Asthma, Cancer, Gut & Stomach issues….
    • Alfalfa Leaf – Urinary, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes & more…
    • Chlorella – negate the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, & more…
    • Spirulina – Remove Toxins, Iron, Weight loss, Diabetes, Anxiety…
    • Barley Grass – Antioxidant, Cancer prevention, Hyperlipidemia…
    • Stevia Leaf – Sweetener, but helps with Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, diuretic

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