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My video is short and to the point the rest of this post is more detailed.

So I recently came across the opportunity to review some items. Being kind of broke, not having much time for cooking or whether you’re a hardcore into working out, you should try this product. Not only is it packed with 25g of protein per serving but  only 1g sugar and is Kosher too! So if you’re looking for a this to supplement your meal or even as a snack this is a great tasting choice.

Zahler Whey Protein Strawberry: Click the image to buy this on Amazon

Although I got this on Amazon, Zahler does have their own website with other products available. Their site is packed full of health information and they even have their own list of health-related new. Something they are lacking is different ways to enjoy this yummy product. It wasn’t till I saw another reviewer’s video by CeeCee Brown, and I realized there’s a variety of ways you can prepare your milkshake. Instead of milk or juice you can use coffee. Since it’s thick already if you choose to add other fruits like bananas, strawberries or pineapples, you might want to add some extra milk or preferred liquid.  Comment below with your favorite concoction using your favorite flavor of Zahler’s Whey Protein.

So often these protein mixes don’t list the amino Acid profile, but they do so I thought I’d list them and the health benefits you get from them.

  • Leucine –  Helps repair muscles, regulate blood sugar and provide energy
  • Isoleucine – Increases endurance, helps heal & repair muscle tissue & clotting
  • Valine – Works with the previous 2 to promote growth, repair & more.
  • Tryptophan – Aids in sleep and thwarts depression
  • Lysine – Known to prevent herpes breakouts
  • Methionine – prevent liver damage
  • Phenylalanine – Pain, Depression, ADHD
  • Threonine – Used to treat MS, ALS & aids the Nervous System
  • Histidine – Used for Arthritis, ulcers & Anemia
  • Alanine – helps the body convert sugar
  • Arginine – heart
  • Aspartic Acid – Testosterone booster, metabolism booster, decrease Fatigue
  • Cysteine – Mental Health, Kidneys, lungs
  • Glutamic Acid – Brain Booster
  • Glycine – Mental Health, Metabolism, Kidneys, Cancer prevention
  • Proline Serine – Metabolism
  • Tyrosine – Mood regulator

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