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Before I get started I want to put a disclaimer, the point of this post really is not to encourage women to be a mistress. We are better than this! We deserve better than this! This is more of a hey here monkey clingy girl this kind of relationship sucks and rarely ends well.

As women, we tend to have low self-esteem. We tend to think oh he ‘wants to fuck me’ means love, security etc… Well, it doesn’t! Some women do it for money, honestly honey that means you’re a hooker and honestly the pay this way is not so great.

So here are the rules! (Nothing is absolute) Updated (9/6/2015)

  1. Never talk to the wife! You know they’re having marital problems, duh! That’s why you’re not the wife. I don’t care if she’s your best friend in the world, you’re obviously not hers and should distance yourself now. You will slip up and hell will break loose.
    1. Don’t ever ask her, “How is your husband doing?” unless he’s in the hospital or sick. She will find it odd and you are now on her watch list.
      1. Even if you were not fooling around. Always asking even a wife who is not the jealous type raises their suspicion.
  2. He’s married and he’s cheating on her, that alone means he’s not good enough for you. He will not leave her for you despite what he has said. He cheated on her he’s likely to cheat on you, no matter how awesome you are in bed.
    1. If they say she is too fragile or cause of the kids he’s lying. He wants his harem &  you’re the concubine.
  3. Be a good liar! You always have to keep the story straight. So it’s best not to talk about him or the things you’ve done together. The more people you tell the more you have to keep the story straight.
    1. You know what they say, a secret is best kept if the other is dead. Not only do you have to keep your secrets, but his too! So if he tells, his wife about spending a weekend with you. You are now screwed. Hurt wives can be vindictive & some can be deadly. (Just being honest)
  4. Never go to their home! The neighbors have eyes and rumors will fly. Not to mention today’s tech allows people to watch their homes when they are not home. Regardless, it is NEVER appropriate for a single woman to be at a married man’s home alone. ESPECIALLY, when she’s gone.
    1. If you are dumb enough to go there. Don’t move in and don’t be there when she gets home. Don’t hang out and wait for a ride. Just get your shit and go!
    2. You manage to be sneaky and leave before she gets home. DON’T leave any evidence behind.
  5. CASH ONLY! Obviously, he can’t use plastic in his name. How is he to explain that fancy french restaurant she’s always wanted to go to without her?
  6. Using credit cards in your name, is a huge mistake regardless of how much money he makes. If he dies tomorrow, you’re screwed & stuck with the bills!
  7. Never save receipts!
  8. How many time has he been remarried? Maybe it’s not all their fault. Truthfully it’s never just one person’s fault. If you knew me personally you’d know I went through a lot the last 3 years. After 3 years, my husband tells me he’s been looking at houses to buy and move out. Yes, I’m at fault for dealing with the chaos and not knowing how he felt. He is also at fault for not being honest and saying something.
  9. No cell phones! Some men are smart, but some wives are sneakier. There are ways to track a cell phone even when it’s off.
  10. It could be a phase. Men cheat basically because they are not getting something at home. This relationship is all about his need and not yours.
  11. Don’t ever post about the relationship or his name online. Granted if you should get killed cause he’s a psycho, it may take years or never before they find out who killed you.
  12. Do not force him to introduce you to friends. They know who you are and nothing is compelling them to not say something.

Want statistics?

  • Of the couples that divorce after infidelity, only 3% actually go on to marry the other woman. And, of that 3%, 85% end up divorced within 2 years.
    Oh and P.S. to make it clear, that 3% is only of those that divorce after infidelity, not out of all of those that are unfaithful. To give you an idea… 87% of married couples stay together for at least 5 years after infidelity (shocking but true). So 3% of 13%, and out of that 85% divorce anyway. What great odds!
  • Leave their wives 40%
    Leave their wives for the other woman 15%
    Leave their wives for the other woman and stay with the other woman 2%

(Not sure where the individuals reporting these stats got them from, but feel free to post anything that contradicts.) Feel free to add or comment about any of these.

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