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I’ve been replying to a lot of Public Relations (PR) requests on (HARO) Help A Reporter Out for my shop, Affordable Coin Shop.  I want to open the dialog and hear what others think. Please feel free to comment, reply and post your own responses. I want to know. Kevin Price with Price of Business was looking for…

Requirements: We are looking to hear from owners, entrepreneurs, or C-levels of large logistics companies ($5 million + annual revenue). Please have a pitch, include your email and website in the actual pitch.
Query: Does your company have a great story of a time they went above and beyond for a customer, a vendor, or even an employee? We’re seeking success stories from logistics companies that can be applied to formulating best practices. This story may lead to an interview on the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM or on PriceofBusiness.com.

Hello Kevin,
I know you were looking for businesses with an annual revenue of 5 million and I do not come close. Part of my response does include when I worked at Sam’s Club in Topeka though.

In the past when my father ran things at Affordable Coin Shop, I can honestly say that the dollar was valued over the customer. This lead to theft among many other unwanted behaviors by customers. He just was not an easy person to deal with.

So my mother and I mostly kept him in the back away from customers. The attitude from our customers changed dramatically.

In 2004, I had taken a break from our shop and moved to Kansas to live with my boyfriend at the time. I worked for Sam’s Club in Topeka. Although it was not ‘allowed’ to customize cakes to unavailable colors or non-approved designs, many of our decorators went above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer get the design they wanted. This is a hard fact for any of the decorators to accept when the color purple is not an available color and you have a college team like the K State (Kansas State University), the wild cats whose colors are purple & white. Every year for graduation we would get hundreds of orders. Although management said, “No!” about ½ of the orders requested purple for K-state graduates. Despite the grueling hours everyone in the bakery spent, we were thanked frequently by customers who stated, “Their main reason for coming to the bakery was because they knew we could make the color that no other bakery was providing.”.

I learned a lot from that experience. It may sound selfish, but helping others is helping yourself.

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