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I’ve been replying to a lot of Public Relations (PR) requests on (HARO) Help A Reporter Out for my shop, Affordable Coin Shop.  I want to open the dialog and hear what others think. Please feel free to comment, reply and post your own responses. I want to know. The reporter didn’t leave their name but here is what they asked,

I’m writing a feature for a major business news and networking site looking at how small business owners find work-life balance. I’m looking to interview business owners that have found unique, innovative and effective time-management strategies to balance running a business along with having fulfilling personal lives.

Prior to owning my own business, I find many companies fail at allowing employees to have a healthy balanced between working and having a life. When I worked at Sam’s Club it was often encouraged by my manager’s and team leads to skipping breaks in order to get work done. This partly why I decided to go into business for myself. Sadly, when I first became a co-owner I worked with my parents who were hard-core workaholics. Not kidding they had a bed in the back to sleep at the shop. I’ve seen 1st hand what bad habits like this cause, Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood pressure and more.

Now that I’m in business by myself it is hard to overcome those trained bad habits but I’ve slowly overcome it. Some of the changes sitting down and scheduling a time to do things. Understanding that things just may not happen to be finished in the allotted time but that is ok. You just have to take time out for yourself. Every day I have a scheduled time period for exercising. I’ve found by taking time out for myself has not only made me happier but more productive. I can add more details per request, but I didn’t really intend on it being this long. Feel free to send any follow-up questions.

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