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It was a lovely Saturday morning as many of the members of the Lake Nona Run club got ready to start, for some of us our very first, half marathon run! Now it’s not my intent to scare anyone but as this was my first time doing a half marathon, I was scared! No,  really I pictured the hot Florida sun bloating my dead body as the vultures plucked out my eyes. Boy, was I silly! I didn’t see one single turkey vulture nor did I die! Granted having seen videos like, “8 Stages of Marathon Running” didn’t help.

In all due honesty, if a year ago you told me I’d do that many miles in a day I would have said you were nuts. I originally planned for Space Coast for being my first half marathon. I’d love to tell you, I’ve trained hard & eaten right every day, but why lie. Truthfully, I’m owning up to it so that you won’t be scared and say, “I didn’t do that so I can’t do this.”. It may have taken me 4 hours and 20 minutes, but I did it and you can too! I did, however, do some research before running. ;D

Having a great Coach is really what prepared me best for this moment! I’m sure most are excited and a few are scared like I was. Since so many  1st time marathoner’s are running this route, I thought I’d share some tips. 😀

  • Get there early
  • Use the bathroom before the race! (TRUST ME!)
  • Make sure you use bug spray & sun block. (The bugs were not bad but better safe than annoyed. :D)
  • After you warm up to do some stretches. (There is nothing wrong with stretching during your race. Honestly, I don’t think if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have made it.)
  • Fuel belt! We will have water every 2 miles but if you don’t bring something to eat while burning 4,000+ possible calories being burned you will crash! (I brought Cheese crackers! :D) When you pick up your packet feel free to pick up some fuel! ;D
  • Don’t fret if you see no one. I’m like the slowest person in our group & I’m proud of it! You will get there when you get there and (LRNC) will be there cheering you on till you cross that line.
  • Pace yourself. Normally I do a 5 min walk as warm up and then do 1 min running 3 min walk intervals. For this, I did 1 min run 5 min walk intervals.
  • Remember to have fun! Enjoy the view. I’ll see you at the finish line! (Yes really!)
  • Don’t stop moving. You need to bring that heart rate down.
  • Stretch!!!
  • ICE Bath! Ok, there are lots of theories on how to do this, but I thought I’d be struggling to move all week but it’s been 2 days and I’m not so sore.

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