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I personally have been dealing with this issue for several months like many other Chrome & Facebook users. I find it funny that I’ve seen numerous articles saying the same thing over and over for years as a solution to this issue.  One of the hardest parts was finding alternative solutions that might work. So I decided why not share what I’ve learned. Now honestly of course I started my search off with some kind of search of ‘Google freezing with Facebook’. Below is a list of the different solutions and the results I got.

Before trying any of these first make sure that updating Chrome, Adobe, Java and Windows. Granted this may not solve your issues but hey it’s worth a shot. I highly recommend this site called Ninite. A very good friend who works in tech support recommended this site to me. It allows you to install & update several software at the same time. Even though these didn’t work for me they might work for you. Please feel free to comment if one of these suggestions work for you.

Although Facebook’s Help Center was not my first stop I did find several response to this problem there. In all due honesty that is where I got the idea to write this post. To read the entire question and all the banter back and forth you can read the whole 66+ response & replies to those responses here, “Why does my computer freeze only on Facebook?

This first one is my least favorite. Why? Well, here’s the suggested solution…..

One fix I found is to go to “Facebook.com/login“, which is an older page they don’t use any longer. Instead of freezing for 30-60 seconds, it simply works.

This doesn’t work for me because I’m logged into Facebook and I want to open an new tab with Facebook to find a photo to add as a comment to someone’s post. Logging out and back in is just not going to solve this freeze up issue. I do have to say the suggestion of completely logging out of Facebook when your done is a wise idea as my husband can attest to the fact that then crazy wives go changing one’s profile picture.

This next solution also didn’t work for me but I did find it interesting.

  1. Log In to Facebook and immediately go to the padlock up at the top and click on that. (or you can skip this and click on the link in # 3.)
  2. Click on See More Selections
  3. Click on Security Setting.
  4. Click on ‘Where You’re Logged In‘ for a list of active Sessions and then Clear All Activities.

I found up to 4 sessions of my account still opened from the beginning to mid way through October 2013. I’m posting this as of now October 29, 2013. Why these sessions were still running? I do not know the answer! I log out completely every time. Facebook has a mind of its own when it comes to all the spy-ware, add-ware and everything under their Sun of tracking all of our activity. Since I cleared all the sessions, no more freezing up as of now. I will keep you posted if this changes. Hope this helps!

I did do this and found like 10-12 open sessions of Facebook going as far back as 2013. Wild! Some were on mobile devices, others were messenger & my computer. I choose to close them all. Didn’t seem to really make any kind of a difference but hey it was worth a shot.

This next one seems to have lots of merit, but alas it didn’t work for me either. Oh and you can click on the word Extensions in #2 and skip the 1st step.

  3. SCROLL DOWN TO: SMS from Gmail™ & Facebook™ (MightyText) 4.31

Although there are several Chrome extensions that are reported to cause freeze up issues none of the ones I’ve seen others list were ones I use. I have tried removing all the extensions I had and still didn’t resolve the issue.

This next solution is the most common one but alas still not working for me. Among the freezing up only on Facebook, Google would also freak out and start flashing. This issue seems to be associated with Shockwave and I was getting crash messages constantly for Shockwave as well. If your a visual person, How to Geek has pictures of step by step process. How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome

  1. Type about:plugins into the address bar
  2. After you press enter, you’ll see a list of all the plugins installed in Chrome. Look for the Flash entry and expand the details of these files by toggling the label [+] Details, found in the upper right-hand corner of the browser.
  3. Click the Disable option for Chrome’s internal installation of Flash. (Make sure you disable the file located in Chrome’s AppData folder and not the stand-alone Flash installation).

You’ll now be using the Flash installed on your operating system. Now ensure that you have the latest version of Flash! Do this for both Shockwave & Adobe Flash player.

Here’s another solution that I had never seen before by The Windows Club. Their first suggestion didn’t work for me either, but their second one seems to. You can see visual queues & additional details on their post, ‘Fix: Google Chrome Freezing or Crashing on Windows 7|8 Computers

  1. Close Google Chrome
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. In address bar type in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
  4. You’ll find “Local State” file there. Delete it
  5. Open Google Chrome and see if has helped.

If that didn’t work here is their other suggestion in the same folder. I’ve removed my extensions before and didn’t see any change, but this seems to work. Let’s see how long I can go without my beloved extensions before I crack & re-install them.

  1. Close Google Chrome
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. In address bar type in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
  4. You’ll find the Default folder here. Rename it to “Default.old”
  5. Open Google Chrome and see if this has helped stop the crashes.

*Note if you’re having a hard time renaming the file and Chrome is closed, go to the hidden icons tab on the start-up bar. Close all open notifications of Chrome.

As a word of caution, the extensions I was using were Buffer, RiteTag, Grammerly & AddThis.

If none these options work there is always the drastically dire version of uninstall & re-install Chrome.

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