Let’s Talk Sleep – Are you Getting Enough?

A Natural Quest for Wellness

I’ve been thinking about blogging about this topic for a long while now, as since last year, my sleep (or lack of it!) has really wound me up!

picture of bedroom with bed

Do you get enough? Do you wake up refreshed and ready to start the day?

Back In The Day

In times gone by, I used to have a lovely amount of sleep. I was a light sleeper, but I would always be able to go back to sleep. I used to have lovely lie in’s too.

And then I hit my 40’s, things changed, and I’m still coming to terms with my sleep issues!

I wake up at stupid o’clock most mornings!

I just can’t stop waking up between 4am and 5am. But why?

picture of alarm clock

They say as you get older you need less sleep, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen already!

According to http://www.sleepfoundation.org, adults between 18-64 need 7-9 hours…

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Making the Best Smoothies for Antioxidants…Alfalfa Sprout Smoothies

Muffins and Mozart


Alfalfa Sprouts


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Releasing Fear and Opening to Miracles

Anything is Possible!

IMG_2345 (2)

From Marianne Williamson:

Think of what you’d like to have happen in your life… then surrender to God every aspect of your personality that keeps it from happening. Infinite opportunity is built into the nature of the universe; it’s not lack of opportunity, but the way we chronically deflect these opportunities, that obstructs the otherwise constant flow of …miracles into our lives. We’ve all been wounded; the issue is whether we act from the wound. Ask God to take away all your personality characteristics that arose from the wound, and to replace them with the characteristics of your immortal Self…..

This quote by Marianne Williamson has been waiting among my drafts for a  long time. It drew my attention last night because Christmas is the traditional time for miracles. There was the virgin birth of the savior, the brilliant star seen by wise men and shepherds… Miracles.

Stars beautiful from pixabay (2)

Reading the…

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Tired of the Gun Control Shuffle

Whenever there was another mass shooting, I used to post about the “Gun Control Shuffle”:

1. Have a mass shooting.

2. Bury the dead and cry.

3. Politicians talk about the need for gun control so this never happens again.gun-deaths-us-other-countries-chart

4. Gun manufacturers, through their lobby group the NRA, warns that the government is out to take everyone’s guns.

5. Gun lovers buy lots of guns because they believe the NRA and the right-wing media.

6. Gun manufacturers’ income skyrockets.

7. Gun manufacturers use this money to bribe politicians through their lobby group, the NRA.

8. Despite overwhelming public support, no gun control passes.

9. Another mass shooting occurs.

Repeat every few months.

However, I found that instead of repeating the Shuffle post every few months, I was doing it every few weeks.  And lately, it seems like I would have to be doing it every few days.

Have you noticed?…

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Are FL doctors and nurses being sent to rehab unnecessarily? Accusations: over-diagnosing; over-charging

Disrupted Physician

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.34.48 AM

He’s a practicing Florida doctor, she’s a licensed mental health counselor. Both are staying in the dark out of fear of repercussions but speaking out about the state’s rehab program for doctors.

“There are some serious flaws in the system and I’m here firsthand to tell you that’s true,” said the physician.

“I think its purpose is to help people but it’s not doing that, it’s abusing them,” said the mental health counselor.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.02.20 AM.png

In 2013, while applying to get her license to practice mental health in Florida, the mental health counselor we spoke with said she was thrust into a 5-year state contract with PRN for drug and alcohol addiction after admitting on her license application that she was hospitalized and treated for depression four years earlier.

“I felt humiliated and frustrated,” she said.

Frustrated doesn’t begin to explain how another practitioner felt about…

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Pray For Las Vegas!

By Hook Or By Book


Running from the Rte 91 Harvest Country Music Festival near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas after gunfire was heard on Sunday. David Becker/Getty Images.

What is now being described as the deadliest mass shooting here in the U.S. took place shortly after 10:00 last night. While approximately 22,000 country music fans were gathered on the Last Vegas Strip, a man who police are describing as a “lone wolf” and a local of the Las Vegas area opened fire, killing at least 58 people and injuring 515+. Police have identified him as a 64-year-old man who lived in a nearby retirement community. Yes, that’s right. A retiree for some God knows what reason decided to kill as many innocents as possible. The images coming out are horrific with concertgoers, including children, fleeing from the gunfire and ducking for cover. Naturally the motive is not known yet, but…

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Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle #Literature @jgreenhood


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xrip-van-winkle-pagespeed-ic-9fad3s0fa2So I’ve been taking online courses for my second associate’s degree in medical science. Honestly, I thought I’d be miserable with English literature. It really helps that I had a teacher who is truly passionate about the topics and the stories. If it was not for her passionate live sessions, I don’t know how I would have made it through the class.

So our first forum discussion was….

Romantic heroes, such as Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle, generally are: childlike; innocent; distrustful of women; fond of nature; and in search of a higher truth. Find lines from the story to describe each character trait that Rip demonstrated.

I understand it’s a bit confusing that I only post my responses to others posts as well as my original post but, feel free to ask for more context if confusing.  If you’ve not read, ‘Rip Van Winkle’ it’s a short read. You can find it online but, if you are short on time you can listen to it for free through Librivox by clicking here.

My initial post…..

I disagree about Rip being distrustful of women but, he was however lazy. There was a line about how he’d go fishing all day without even a nibble to coax him. Another line that demonstrated his laziness was his wife would nag him as he always had an excuse for why things didn’t get done or went all wrong. Some would even say he was child like by being easily distracted. His neighbors knew he’d do anything they’d ask and the impression from the story was that it was his way of getting out of doing what needed to be done. Like a child, he’d go off hang out with friends and townsfolk. He didn’t really become fond of nature from what I recalled till he ended up on the mountain but, things were different in the 1700’s than they are today. As for finding a higher truth, I think it was somewhat lost on Rip and more intended for the reader. When Rip came back the world had changed without him and he was lost. Hardly any knew of him and if it hadn’t been for the neighbor no one would have known who he was.

Examples:  “kept continually dinning in his ears about his idleness, his carelessness, and the ruin he was bringing on his family”.

Responses to others…..

I agree lazy doesn’t mean he was a bad person. To the townsfolk, he didn’t seem lazy because he was so helpful and that’s what made him well liked. It’s just when it came to providing for his family his laziness was apparent. I agree he was a disaster of a human being. I’ve met one too many like him, yet sadly I do see even a bit of my own laziness in him too!


Exactly, It’s kind of sad in some ways. The story takes place over 240 years ago and yet, not all but, many men continue to follow that same route of not taking care of things at home. Wives/Girlfriends nagging about bills and children while husbands/boyfriends find any excuse not to be at home.


I feel as though it only showed a few of his character traits. Although he was helpful to others he was lazy at providing for his family and easily distracted. The saddest part of it all is despite not doing much with his family, his son wanted to be just like him and did. However, it was his daughter who took him in at the end.

I don’t recall the distrust of women, however, I do recall that he would complain to the other women in the town about Dame and they always sided with him. Was that where the distrust of women was?

I totally agree about nature. It was just another excuse to not do what was needed.

“The Romantic hero is a literary archetype referring to a character that rejects ripanddaughterestablished norms and conventions, has been rejected by society and has himself (or herself) as the center of his or her own existence.”

I kind of disagree. He did live and reject the norms but society loved and kind of adored him. He made the children happy and did things for others. It wasn’t till after being on the mountain top and missing 20 years of his life that society rejected him because they didn’t know him. He literally was out of place. After his daughter had taken him in he again became beloved by the new society again.

Romantic hero. (2017). En.wikipedia.org. Retrieved 14 May 2017, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romantic_hero

That is a really good point because he wasn’t rigid and went with the flow, although it took him some time he was able to adjust to the many changes. I mean to be part of Britannia when he fell asleep and now part of a new country when he awoke is too much change for many to handle.

To a degree I can’t blame him, I hate cleaning the house and often find that my husband puts off repairs for years. Or I just end up doing the repairs myself.


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